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16 December 2020
Over 500 attendees participated in NICM HRI’s joint webinar with the All India Institute of Ayurveda, learning the latest evidence for how yoga and Ayurveda medicine can support mental wellness.
10 December 2020
NICM Health Research Institute has featured recently on Bloomberg Quicktake, House of Wellness, Triple J Hack, ABC Radio Australia, ABCLife, as well as Daily Mail UK, Huffington Post UK, The Guardian, Herald Sun and Courier-Mail to name a few.
9 December 2020
Research stars Maz Ali, Dr Diana Karamacoska, Dr Angelo Sabag, Dr Deep Bhuyan, Dr Mike Armour, and Dr Carolyn Ee celebrated their achievements and awards received for research excellence at NICM HRI in 2020.
8 December 2020
Congratulations to Professor Chun Guang Li, Professor Gerald Muench, Associate Professor Genevieve Steiner, Associate Professor Xiaoshu Zhuhai, and Dr Mike Armour who have received accolades in Western Sydney University’s 2020 Excellence Awards.
7 December 2020
In a collaborative project between NICM Health Research Institute and Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG), researchers will start screening volunteers in 2021 for a two-year trial investigating the effects of a novel cannabis based-medicine on cognitive function in people with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.
4 December 2020
NICM Health Research Institute’s Seminar Series will reconvene from February 2021, held online bimonthly, via Zoom.
23 November 2020
More than one-third of young women in a nationwide survey said they missed at least one class, either at school or university, in the past three months due to menstrual symptoms.
12 November 2020
A cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis of data from the UK Biobank, involving almost 85,000 people, has found that lifestyle factors such as less screen time, adequate sleep, a better-quality diet, and physical activity strongly impact depression. With evolving data exploring the link between depression and lifestyle factors, the international research team led by Western Sydney University say their findings published today in BMC Medicine may help inform public health policy.
15 October 2020
NICM Health Research Institute has joined the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health, comprised of 75 of the most prestigious universities and health systems in North America.
12 October 2020
Congratulations and welcome to Shayal Devi, recipient of the NICM Health Research Institute-Blackmores Institute Scholarship. Shayal's PhD project will investigate through preclinical methods the effect of a plant-based supplement on gut microbiota as a potential target for metabolic syndrome, with a focus on diabetes.

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NICM Health Research Institute Webinar:

Ayahuasca – From the Jungle to the Lab
Presented by Dr Simon Ruffell, Psychiatrist and Senior Research Fellow at Psychae Institute, Melbourne.
28 June, 2022, Online (Zoom)