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11 March 2018
Renowned for his commitment to natural health, his generosity, his entrepreneurial spirit and, above all, his passion, we thank and congratulate Mr Blackmore.

26 February 2018
Australian study underscores importance of effective education programmes. New research has found that an effective childbirth education programme – which significantly reduced the incidence of caesarean births - could save an average of $808 per woman.

19 February 2018
Researchers have embarked upon a 12-month national project to change the way young women learn about, and deal with menstruation.

16 February 2018
The Therapeutic Goods Amendment (2017 Measures No. 1) Bill 2017 has passed both houses of parliament with the Senate passing the Bill overnight, legislating the next tranche of reforms recommended by the 2014 Review of Medicines and Medical Devices.

22 December 2017
With 2018 fast approaching and the holiday season in full swing, we would like to thank you, our stakeholders, research partners and colleagues, who have contributed so much over recent years. Thank you for sharing our vision and making 2017 a significant milestone in NICM’s 10th year.

22 December 2017
NICM researchers have featured prominently in the media resulting from recent research papers published about preventing and treating neurocognitive and mental health disorders, as well as women’s health.

20 December 2017
New research into sperm health is aiming to assist couples trying to conceive this holiday season. For many people, falling pregnant is the best Christmas present they could hope for, however statistics show that one is six Australian couples have difficulty conceiving.

18 December 2017
Pregnancy is often mentioned as a treatment or a ‘cure’ for endometriosis. Pregnancy may supress the symptoms of endometriosis, but it is not a cure.

13 December 2017
We are delighted to congratulate NICM PhD candidate, Michael de Manincor on his graduation today. Dr de Manincor’s thesis concentrated on the effects of an individualised yoga intervention in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

8 December 2019
Health research and education is set to blossom under a new collaboration between the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS) and NICM, Westerrn Sydney University. The NICM Western Sydney University - CACMS Centre for Chinese Medicine Research aims to improve health outcomes through the integration of evidence-based Chinese medicine into international healthcare systems.


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