Welcome and congratulations to staff

We welcome to our growing team of researchers and professionals staff :

  • Dr Arianne Soliven, Postdoctoral Senior Research Fellow, Natural Products Chemistry.
    Arianne will play an important role in strengthening NICM’s analytical chemistry research and also be involved in developing our medicinal cannabis research.
  • Dr Benjamin Dowswell, Research Management Officer.
    Ben supports NICM researchers with all contractual and business matters, including research funding opportunities, new projects, the management of NICM research data and reports.
  • Emma Garcia, Administrative Assistant.
    Emma is an important new member of our research support team and will work closely with our executive team.
  • Dr Joseph Firth, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Clinical Research (Healthy Minds).  
    Joe joins the Healthy Minds team to contribute to research projects and collaborations in mental health, and is already accomplishing an extraordinary publishing schedule.
  • Justin Sinclair, Research Fellow, (Medicinal Cannabis)
    Justin coordinates our Australian Medicinal Cannabis Research and Education Collaboration at NICM and is responsible for research policy around medicinal cannabis.
  • Kate Corcoran, Research Policy Officer.
    Kate is a very welcome arrival from the George Institute and brings extensive experience in healthcare policy and is a talented health researcher and writer.

In addition, we welcome Martha Ibrahim back from maternity leave into our analytical chemistry laboratory and congratulate Xiaoshu Zhu’s promotion to Associate Professor and Dennis Chang’s promotion to Professor and Associate Director Research, Engagement and Partnership, Asia.