Upcoming Conferences

In light of the evolving situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak around the world and here in Australia, many events have been cancelled, postponed, or in some cases are being held virtually online. It is recommended you check with the conference organiser below for information about their conference plans.

2021 CMA Annual Conference and 21st Annual Industry Awards Dinner

25 February, 2021

Sydney, Australia

CMA’s Annual Conference and 21st Annual Industry Awards will be held in person, 25 February 2021 at the Hyatt Regency, Sydney. Register now.

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European Congress for Integrative Medicine

26-28 February, 2021

London, UK

The European Congress for Integrative Medicine facilitates the advancement of healthcare by combining conventional medicine with evidence-informed lifestyle, complementary and traditional approaches. The conference brings together medical practitioners, healthcare professionals, therapists, researchers and health politicians, and aims to present the latest evidence-informed research and applications in integrative medicine.

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The Best of ESHRE and ASRM

8-10 April 2021

Lisbon, Portugal

The 7th Joint Meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine will provide clinicians and scientists from about the world with updated on the most current concepts in the reproductive medicine and biology. This meeting attracts international physicians and professionals to hear presentations from distinguished academics, clinicians and scientific investigators in the field of human reproduction.

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ANZGSM Annual Scientific Meeting 2021

19-21 May, 2021

Melbourne, Australia

The conference theme Vision for the future will focus on emerging themes in Geriatric Medicine and how these will impact on the care of the older person into the future. The scientific program will feature updates in dementia and delirium, along with topical issues such as the new Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation in Victoria and the Australian Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

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24-25 May, 2021

Tokyo, Japan

The Global Conference on Complementary, Traditional Medicine & Medicinal Herbs plans to provide a platform for all the researchers to share their cup of knowledge & research findings to support the need to discover and learn the efficacy and safety of herbal, traditional and alternative medicine in keeping the population healthy.

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VBHC Conference

25-28 May, 2021

Perth, Australia

The inaugural conference on Value-Based Health Care aims to showcase and celebrate value-based healthcare innovation, initiatives, implementation, research, and training from all areas of the health care system, with discussion on topics as diverse as cancer, stroke, dental health, and more.

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Collaborate Innovate 2021

25-27 May, 2021

Canberra, Australia

The conference is an ideal opportunity for researchers, educators and industry people to network with CRCA members while gaining valuable insights regarding the nature of cooperative research ventures.

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International Conference on Traditional Medicine and Phytochemistry 2021

12-14 July, 2021

Melbourne, Australia

The International Conference on Traditional Medicine and Phytochemistry brings together international experts, researchers, clinicians and decision-makers from academia and industry to exchange knowledge, experience and latest research findings in traditional medicine and phytochemistry. Key themes for this years conference is Women's Knowledge: Traditional Medicine and Nature and Traditional Medicine in Australia.

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ASPOG 2021

3-5 September, 2021

Adelaide, Australia

The theme of the 46th Australian Society for Psycho-Social Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ASPOG) Conference is Embracing Diversity, focusing on the psychosocial aspects of reproductive and sexual health experience of women and gender diverse people. The conference brings together obstetricians, gynaecologists, GPs, nurses, midwives, sexual health providers, allied health professionals, and sexual and reproductive health researchers.

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3-6 September, 2021

Melbourne, Australia

Held every three years, the World Congress of Epidemiology (WCE) attracts delegates involved in research and teaching of epidemiology. The proposed theme is Methodological Innovations in Epidemiology and will include plenary sessions, symposia, and workshops on translation from research to policy and practice from leading epidemiologists, policy‚Äźmakers and practitioners.

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IOP 2020

7-11 September, 2021

Chengdu, China

Postponed to 2021, the 20th World Congress of Psychophysiology will discuss different topics and the latest methodological advances in psychophysiology in order to achieve sustained interaction between basic and applied psychophysiology.

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Sleep DownUnder 2021

10-13 October, 2021

Brisbane, Australia

The 32nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA) and Australasian Sleep Technologists Association (ASTA) will present the latest research, clinical updates and science to those who work in the field of sleep medicine and sleep health.

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GPH 2021

11-12 October, 2021

Bali, Indonesia

The 6th International Conference on Global Public Health (GPH) 2021 will brings together global public health specialists, experts and practitioners to present on a broad range of topics. The theme for this years conference is Preventing the global epidemic: Chronic lifestyle disease.

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Reshaping the Microbiome through Nutrition

17-19 November, 2021

San Diego, US

The Reshaping the Microbiome through Nutrition Conference will bring together researchers working on the microbiome and nutrition to discuss how our microbiota use and transform dietary components, and how these nutrients and their products influence host health throughout life, including effects on development and infectious and chronic diseases. A central theme of the meeting will be how diet and dietary supplements could be harnessed to manipulate the microbiome with the aim of maintaining health and treating disease.

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