NICM's Early-Career Researchers 'Talk Science' at FameLab 2015

NICM's early-career researchers, Genevieve Steiner and Dr Jennifer Hunter have been selected to present their research at the FameLab state finals, held on the 24 March at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum .

FameLab, the British Council's international science communications competition, aims to uncover, develop and mentor the best new science and engineering communicators in the world.

Presenting live on stage, each researcher will speak for three minutes or less their work, adhering to FameLab's special rules of 'No Powerpoint! No lab coats! No jargon!' - encouraged in their place are props and theatrical thinking.

Genevieve presented her research in cognitive neuroscience and her particular interest in learning and memory, and the detection and treatment of mild cognitive impairment, which may later lead to dementia.

Jennifer discussed her passion and interest in developing models for the integration of well-evidenced complementary medicines and treatments into mainstream healthcare.

To hear more about their work and presentation, watch their short video submissions below.