In the media

NICM researchers have featured prominently in the media resulting from recent research papers published in mental health and managing depression, period pain, and PCOS treatment.

Joe Firth’s paper on smartphone apps as an effective treatment for depression, published in October’s World Psychiatry received wide global interest and coverage.(opens in a new window) News of the study was picked up in Australia, New Zealand, India, United States, Canada, Turkey, United Kingdom, UAE, Qatar, Bangladesh, Malaysia, South Africa, and the Philippines.  Over 120 stories were generated, local media highlights included AAP, 7News/Yahoo!, 9News, SBS, ABC’s Triple J Hack and Sunday Mail Brisbane. International highlights included HuffPost US, Yahoo!News US, and CBS New York.  Local radio stations 2GB, WSFM, 2SM, 3AW and SEN also featured the news.

Broad international coverage was also attained with Dr Mike Armour’s paper about acupuncture reducing period pain. Over 80 stories were generated across Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, United States, Belgium, Germany, India, Ireland, South Africa, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. Highlights included AAP, AFPRelaxNews, China’s XinhuaNet, CCTN (China Global Television Network), New Zealand Herald, SBS, The Australian, Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun,, Daily Mail, HuffPost AU, Yahoo!Style UK, Women’s Health, Deccan Chronicle, Medical News Today, Hindustan Times, HuffPost, CTV News, China Daily, WSFM, KIIS, 2GB, National Radio News and Radio NZ Wellington.

SBS and AAP (opens in a new window) also covered last week, Dr Susan Arentz’s paper on lifestyle and herbal intervention for the treatment of PCOS. Further coverage was generated today in SMH,(opens in a new window) The Age, Brisbane Times and Canberra Times.

Additionally, last week we also saw Dr Carolyn Ee’s comments on opioids being ineffective and unsafe for chronic non-cancer pain published in AJP.(opens in a new window)

Professor Alan Bensoussan earlier in the month spoke with ABC Radio National regarding the private health insurance reforms and ineffective and effective complementary medicine.

ABC Radio National’s Blueprint Living program,(opens in a new window) spoke with Professor Jerome Sarris earlier in the year, discussing research on Kava to treat anxiety.