NICM Collaborative Centre for Natural Medicines & Neurocognition

This centre systematically studied whether a range of natural medicines improves memory, cognition and brain functioning in health participants and in some cases patients who show abnormal signs of cognitive deterioration such as Alzheimers Dementia. The centre also assessed brain mechanisms associated with chronic administration of natural medicines.

Key activities included:

  • Effects of herbal extracts with glucoregulatory properties e.g. Ginseng in neurocognitive function
  • Effects of multivitamins and CoQ10 on cardiovascular function and brain health
  • Neural and cognitive consequences of fish oil supplementation in an ageing population
  • Efficacy and safety of brahmi (bacopa monniera) as adjunct treatment for Alzheimers Dementia

NICM Grant:     $350,000

Leverage:        $730,000

Increased human capacity since start of centre

  • 4 PhD scholarships
  • 5 post doctoral positions

Participating institutions include:

  • Swinburne University of Technology 
  • University of Western Australia
  • Alfred Hospital
  • CDR Australia