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Western Sydney University’s NICM Health Research Institute is Australia’s global leader in integrative and complementary medicine research and policy. As an Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 5 ranking institute, we are globally recognised for our world-class research and innovations in integrative and complementary medicine. We are committed to social responsibility and the highest degree of integrity, ethics, and scientific enquiry. From the bench to the bedside, preclinical, clinical and translational, we advance the evidence-base, focusing on quality, safety, efficacy and how medicine works.


18 May 2022
Endo@Work, a new research initiative and partnership between Endometriosis Australia and leading academics, is aiming to end inequality in the workplace for people living with endometriosis in Australia. Researchers from Western Sydney University, Southern Cross University, University of St Andrews (Scotland) and the University of Technology Sydney will seek to understand perceptions and experiences of individuals with endometriosis in the workplace; explore organisational perspectives on providing practical and appropriate support and draw on these experiences and perspectives to shape guidelines and recommendations for Australian employers.

30 April 2022
NICM Health Research Institute and the traditional and complementary medicine community around the world has welcomed the establishment of the World Health Organization Global Centre for Traditional Medicine (WHO GCTM), the world's first of its type. Attending the ground-breaking ceremony held in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India on 19 April, and presenting as a plenary speaker at the Global Ayush Investment and Innovation Summit, NICM Health Research Institute Director, Professor Dennis Chang commended the visionary leadership and commitment by India and WHO, echoing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks of the centre ushering in a new era of traditional medicine globally and enhancing wellness in society.

22 March 2022
New findings from a major international review examining the ‘best of the best’ available scientific evidence reveals which nutraceuticals (nutrient-based natural products) and phytoceuticals (plant-based natural products) are beneficial in the management of a range of mental health disorders.